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buttonrequests's Journal

Livejournal Button Request Hotline
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
  • Please use the lj-cut tag whenever you have a large post (over 10 lines or so). That'll make everybody much happier. ^_^
  • Please stay on topic... Go join another community if you're interested in talking about something else or put it on your own journal.
  • Please respect other people. Don't use offensive language, and lj-cut potentially offensive or harmful material to particular young'uns ^_~
  • Please promote me! And stuff... ^_^;;;;
  • A livejournal button is 88 pixels long by 31 pixels high, and is primarily designed for use in User Profile pages, as well as particular layouts. If you're looking for a User Icon request community, try iconrequests.
  • If you think you have something cool that should be put here, lemme know. I'm rather new to this stuff. ^_^;
  • Maintainer is dakania. And yes, I'm looking for mods. ^_^;;;;
  • That's it!