SAILORKELSEY. (calculator__) wrote in buttonrequests,


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Alright, well after lots of trial and error fixing my layout, I thought I would leave it up to the masters.
I have decided recently that my livejournal layout directly effects my hapiness, and I am really getting stressed out about it. I have even deleted everyone off of my friends page and deleted all of my updates. Please, it really does mean a lot to me.

For my layout, I'd like my map/header thing to be a calculator, as it would be appropriate.
inside the display of the calculator I would like it to SAY calculator__.
and the buttons on the calculator would be the links to My information, my friends, my myspace, my add me, and aim me.

I leave it to you, to decide what colors go where.
If you can do what I have asked I will be SO HAPPY.
I BEG! Thank you .

[ if you need to discuss details. ]
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